How it all began

In September, I had my routine semi-annual blood work done and everything looked good. A litlle later, I had a lower body CT scan which found a few very small white spots on my liver. They were believed to be cysts and of little consequence.

Six months later my blood work saw a sharp drop in the Hemoglobin level with a reading of 8 well outside the normal range of 14-19.
This reduced hemoglobin could have been due to either internal bleeding or possibly cancer.There was no evidence of internal bleeding so the doctor was 99% certain that it was due to cancer.

A new CT scan was now ordered and found that the liver contained many more and larger spots so it was believed that the cancer (probably colon) had spread into the liver.

By now the anemia was making me feel rather ill, much like a mild case of the flue.I had lost my taste for food and simple things like going up the stairs to the second floor bcame more tiring leaving me out of breathe.

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